He who lies to himself

Cannot be honest with others


And this time it was me

Who suffered your dishonesty

And it hurt me in a way

I was not hurt until this day

I nearly lost myself, my mind

Maybe I, too, was a bit blind

And didn’t see what you did to me

Till it was too late for me

To get out of this unharmed

But, see I really was charmed

Bewitched, in love like mad

So it should’ve been you, my lad

To help me out, not make it worse

By screwing me, reinforcing the curse

My life had become, you know

You could’ve cared about me, but no

You only see yourself and how

The world’s about you, but now

I’ll tell you something, man

If I’d known what’d happen, I’d ran

Ran away from you the first time I

Met you, because you deceived me

Disappointed me, harmed me,

Nearly made me wanna die

So stop it, you have no right to cry

You’re not evil, you’re just weak

And I, I was stupid, I can see that now

But instead of punishing myself for how

Really, really dumb I have been –


I see the only thing that’s positive about it:

After all you make a good story.

Sorry, not sorry.

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